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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much is a class? A: Classes are £7 per class payable in block of 6-8 classes depending on the dates. I work alongside Donna Noll at The Studio 98 Staplegrove Road so if you miss one of my classes you can make it up at another time to suit you (subject to availability). Q: What results can I expect to see? A: If you practice Pilates at least once a week you will notice results in as little as 6 weeks. Your posture will improve and you will become more aware of “poor posture”, you will feel more relaxed, and the body will feel leaner and stronger. Your general overall “well being” will be improved as you train the mind to work in synergy with the body. My classes are “hands on” which means that I will correct/adjust your posture as necessary to ensure you are gaining the maximum benefit from the exercises. I do check first that this is ok with you. Q: I am overweight and currently do no exercise; will I be able to keep up? A: Yes! Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise as it can be modified to suit all levels Q: Do men come to the class? A: There are generally more women than men in the classes but the gentlemen that do attend find they really gain a great deal from the class and that it complements the other sporting activities that participate in Q: I have no co-ordination does that matter? A: No not at all. The instructor will be at the front of the room demonstrating the exercises and very q uickly you will be delighted at how quickly your co-ordination has improved Q: What do I need to wear? A: Wear comfortable clothes which enable you to stretch fully. If you suffer from the cold it is worth br inging an extra layer for the end of the class. Q: How often do the Pilates Classes run? A: The Cotford St Luke, Langford Budville, Wellington and Nynehead Pilates classes all run weekly in blocks of between 5 to 7 weeks. Q: How do I book? A: To book for Pilates you can contact Claire via email or mobile phone to book a block of classes or to discuss the classes in more detail. I will then ask you to complete a health questionnaire prior to the class. Q: I am recovering from an injury is it ok to attend? A: It is always worth checking with your Health Practitioner first that it is ok to attend Pilates although generally it is fine
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