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Testimonials from existing clients
Alice “Attending Claire's Pilates classes was, without a doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made, in terms of looking after my health and well being. I first started going to encourage me to stretch more and aid recovery when I cycle, but I wasn't expecting the wonderful results I got all round. Within a few weeks I was noticeably stronger and felt so calm and relaxed. It's the perfect tonic to a busy week at work, as you feel the strains and stresses taken away, and your whole body free from tension. Claire is an excellent teacher and instructor who will listen to you individual needs week by week, suggesting possible new stretches depending on your mood and how you are feeling on that particular evening, as well as the standard routine. I've been attending her classes for over a year now, and am completely addicted. I would recommend Claire in a heart beat.”

Flick “Claire is the best personal trainer I have ever used; she inspires confidence and motivation in her clients and has the knowledge and ability to help you meet your goals. She is easy to talk you, listens carefully she has exactly the right approach whether you are looking to lose weight or increase your fitness level. I would highly recommend her.”

Sarah “Pilates with Claire is a really enjoyable experience. As a complete beginner I was worried I would not be able to keep up, but Claire designs her routines so that everyone can work at their own level whilst also pushing you to achieve a little more each time. Pilates has helped me no end; I feel more flexible, no longer suffer from lower back pain and each sessions leaves me feeling completely relaxed. I have learnt and developed more in a year than I ever thought I would. I strongly encourage anyone considering Pilates to give one of Claire's classes a go!"

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