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Personal training sessions with Claire Hall
Alongside Pilates Classes I am also fully qualified to offer Nutritional Advise and Personal Training. I have an excellent record in working with overweight clients assisting them with re-education with regards to food and potential issues surrounding weight issues. I offer an individual approach to every client as I believe we are all very different and what type of diet may work for one certainly doesn’t always work for another! The client and I set achievable and realistic goals together so that the end result is weight loss and increased fitness levels.

I offer regular confidential weigh- ins, food diary analysis and on going to support to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goal. I firmly believe that the two go hand in hand. Our sessions take place in a beautiful studio at 98 Staplegrove Road Taunton, where there is access to every piece of equipment we may need.

I would advise that you visit your GP before contacting me regarding Personal Training just so that you can rest assured you are physically safe to train.

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